Make your employees the best ambassadors of the brand of your company

Learn the needs and interests of your employees and generate an experience where they can tell the appeal of your company.

How it works

Online team competition where the employees share their experiences within the company. An optimistic approach where employees are the protagonists.

¿Did you know...?

An 80% of the professionals consider very important the content of the company in social media

What can we do for your company?

A gamified tool to share knowledge and experiences in a company.

Your employees generate the content you need to attract talent.

Measure the attractiveness of your company among your employees.

We structure the actions for the employees in a single channel

Surveys, notifications, etc...

Promote your value propositions that make your company attractive to work.

We provide useful information for the decision-making process

Alerts, weekly statistics, etc...

Rewards participation and promotes corporate culture

Corporate social challenges, gamification with incentives, etc...

What will an employee find?
  • To value the contribution of each department of the company
  • Meet new colleagues
  • Share an attractive experience with the social environment (family, friends, etc.)
  • A team competition
  • Encourage to know the company in a global way
  • A motivating welcome for new employees

How to acquire a Vidahora program?


Communication plan (signage, audio-visual material... ).

1 month of access to the online team competition.

Access to the monitoring and communication dashboard.

Management of incentives and customizations.

Tell us about your case and we adapt the program to your needs.

They have trusted us
Some of the goals that your employees can achieve
All Physical Activity Nutrition Emotional Balance Communication Engagement

Improve your physical condition

Cycling to work

Reduce your dependence on tobacco

Strengthen your back

Discover the values of your company

Plan your menu

Reduce your bad digestions

Improve your eating habits

Manage your time effectively

Manage your stress effectively

Learn tips to improve your rest

Improve your communication and teamwork