Corporate communication

An assistant to resolve employees' doubts

Automate the resolution of doubts about internal processes and attractively manages events, courses, meeting rooms, etc.

How it works

Answer only once to the most frequent doubts that employees usually have: employees’ benefits, request of days off, office supplies, etc.

Vidahora uses a chatbot that makes use of cognitive learning techniques to recognize and answer to the doubts and interests of the employees through its conversational assistant.

Vidahora also allows you to manage course enrollments or meeting room reservations.

What can we do for your company?

Reduce unproductive times

Employees enjoy a better service 24/7 without having a person taking the time to attend to their needs.

Improve onboarding

Integrate the welcome manual into Vidahora’s assintant for a more attractive and effective welcome.

Guiding in complex procedures

Vidahora can explain step-by-step non-sequential procedures (for example: depending on the job function, the time of year...)

Improve internal communication

If an inquiry is personal, the employee can use Vidahora as an anonymous communication channel. The company has a ticket manager to handle these situations.

How to acquire a Vidahora program?


Frequently Asked Questions

Anonymous communication channel between the company and the employee

Company procedures explained through the assintant

Customized welcome process for the organization

Tell us about your case and we adapt the program to your needs.

They have trusted us
Some of the goals that your employees can achieve
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Improve your physical condition

Cycling to work

Reduce your dependence on tobacco

Strengthen your back

Discover the values of your company

Plan your menu

Reduce your bad digestions

Improve your eating habits

Manage your time effectively

Manage your stress effectively

Learn tips to improve your rest

Improve your communication and teamwork