HR analytics

Assessment of workforce satisfaction and real-time performance

Monitor key HR analytics indicators through personalized conversations with employees.

How it works

Vidahora uses a conversational assistant (chatbot) who talks about the different moments and factors that an employee lives in the company. From their professional development, reconciliation of family and work life, relationships with colleagues, etc.

Vidahora guarantees the anonymity of the feedback received and acts as an interlocutor between the company and the employee. Through useful statistics, the company can see the evolution of the most relevant indicators for the business and alerts if any problems are detected.

Vidahora complements the traditional workforce satisfaction surveys as it delves into the reasons behind the employees' opinions.

What can we do for your company?

Employee satisfaction and 360º feedback

Provide real-time statistics on employee satisfaction and performance.

Predictive statistics

Predict the impact of new policies within the company in business terms.

Suitability to the job position

Know the profiles and qualities that have the greatest impact on the company.

Action plan

Propose solutions to improve the HR analytics ratios obtained.

How to acquire a Vidahora program?


Real-time statistics on employee satisfaction

Evaluation of performance through 360 Feedback

Prediction of the impact of new policies for employees

Risk factors in loss of talent and productivity

Tell us about your case and we adapt the program to your needs.

They have trusted us
Some of the goals that your employees can achieve
All Physical Activity Nutrition Emotional Balance Communication Engagement

Improve your physical condition

Cycling to work

Reduce your dependence on tobacco

Strengthen your back

Discover the values of your company

Plan your menu

Reduce your bad digestions

Improve your eating habits

Manage your time effectively

Manage your stress effectively

Learn tips to improve your rest

Improve your communication and teamwork