Improve physical condition, nutrition and emotional health of the employees

Generate a healthy environment that promotes habits to improve the physical and emotional state of employees

How it works

Workplace wellness programs through a web platform and apps. Healthy workers wherever they are.

Did you know...?

The report The workplace wellness alliance of the World Economic Forum indicates that the return on investment in corporate wellness programs is 254%

What can we do for your company?

Weekly personalized proposals to Improve employee habits

Reduce back aches, prevent diabetes or reduce stress problems, among other goals.

You can follow the evolution in real time.

We structure the actions for the employees in a single channel

Management of registrations, surveys, notifications, etc ...

It offers different solutions by groups or geographical areas.

We provide useful information for the decision-making process

Alerts, weekly statistics, etc...

Rewards participation and promotes corporate culture

Corporate social challenges, gamification with incentives, etc...

What will an employee find?
Physical activity
  • Videos of yoga, pilates, physiotherapy ...
  • Synchronization with wearables
  • Healthy breaks
  • Gym exercises
  • Tips for planning a menu
  • Healthy recipes
  • Customized nutritional plan
  • Weight management
Emotional balance
  • Meditation and relaxation videos
  • Tips for improving rest
  • Tips to manage time
  • Social events

How to acquire a Vidahora program?


Communication plan (signage, audio-visual material... )

Personalized program with more than 30 activities

Access to the monitoring and communication dashboard

Final team competition

Nutritional plan per employee (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Tell us about your case and we adapt the program to your needs.

They have trusted us
Some of the goals that your employees can achieve
All Physical Activity Nutrition Emotional Balance Communication Engagement

Improve your physical condition

Cycling to work

Reduce your dependence on tobacco

Strengthen your back

Discover the values of your company

Plan your menu

Reduce your bad digestions

Improve your eating habits

Manage your time effectively

Manage your stress effectively

Learn tips to improve your rest

Improve your communication and teamwork